IAOP OWS2.0: A New Revolution

IAOP OWS2.0: A New Revolution

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Join Neo Group at IAOP’s OWS2.0 Conference from February 17-19, 2020 in Orlando.

“Technology has taken over the way business is done. Robotics are more sophisticated. A.I. and machine learning are driving automation with never-before-seen accuracy. The workforce and the workplace are evolving. Everything from product development to talent and everything in between is affected. Adaptability and agility are critical in order for businesses to remain competitive in the shifting technological culture. It’s simply not logical to bring all these new specialties in-house.” IAOP

Atul Vashistha, Chairman for Neo Group, will be moderating a panel focused on The Future of Global Business Services (GBS).

Leading enterprises are leveraging GBS to enable transformation. GBS is no longer just shared services but a strategic lever to accelerate revenues, launch new products and optimize operations. Hear from industry experts as we explore this journey.

Atul Vashistha will also be participating on a panel focused on Digital Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

IAOP’s LACOC presents this panel discussion on the opportunities created by digital transformation and the current and future trends in the outsourcing industry within the region.

John Bree, Chief Evangelist for Neo Group, will be moderating a panel discussing the Past, Present and Future of Governance.

 As our operating models and support mechanisms continue to change at an accelerated pace, slow, episodic Governance must be replaced with agile, resilient and sustainable programs. This panel will provide insight to where we are heading and how to be prepared for the road ahead.

John Bree will also be reviewing Automating Third-Party Risk & Governance during a breakout session.

Digital transformation requires niche and specialized skills that are often better provided by specialized third parties. Consequently, third parties play a large role in the everyday operations and success of digital transformation efforts. The third parties are not just a source of value, but also of significant business risk. As enterprises aggressively innovate and co-create with third parties, business-as-usual governance processes are insufficient. With the regulatory sector catching up, enhanced governance to test enterprise compliance capabilities and diligence is critical.


Globally recognized as a leading advisory firm since 1999, Neo Group helps enterprises build new capabilities and reduce costs significantly by leveraging analytics, digital technologies, and global talent. Neo Group helps enterprises through the sourcing lifecycle by going beyond advice to supporting outcomes.

Neo Group Advisory Services empowers organizations across industries to build new capabilities and significantly reduce costs by optimizing the three key sourcing levers of analytics, digital technologies, and global talent. Our co-creation, collaborative solution-design approach, proven proprietary methodologies, and real-time market intelligence uniquely empower our operationally experienced advisors to guide our clients with agility and speed to extraordinary outcomes all while mitigating risks.

Neo Group’s Managed Governance Support Services provides expertise and global resourcing to help enterprises streamline their third-party governance processes so their leaders can refocus on strategy and the business. Neo Group’s Managed Governance Services unlock latent value and plug leakages from your third-party relationships.

Learn more and register for IAOP’s OWS2.0 here.


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