Managed Governance Services Advisory

Unlock Value with Managed Governance

Neo Group Managed Governance streamlines and standardizes third-party governance processes and management for Global 2000 enterprises. Our Managed Governance unlocks significant hard and soft dollars from your third-party relationships.

Business Outcomes

  • Improve Performance
  • Reduce Costs
  • Lower Third-Party Risk

Our Unique Value Proposition

Proven Governance
Methodologies and Playbook

Reduce Costs by >
25% with Hybrid Delivery

Increase Use of
Intelligent Automation

Oversight and Reporting

Engagement Models

Clear Focus on

20 Years’ Expertise
in Managed Governance

Tool and Platform
Agnostic Solutions


Atul Vashistha

Atul Vashistha - Chairman - Neo Group

Companies need a robust third-party governance model that addresses day-to-day operations while considering strategic and enterprise wide objectives. A best practice is to have Governance and third parties managed by a dedicated Governance Program Management Office.


“Our Governance has improved since Neo Group came on board. Their vast experience has been responsible for an overall reduction of 40% in our Governance Management Spend.”

Fortune 500 Pharma Leader

“Neo Group has helped us achieve over 2% value savings on our monthly invoicing with their approach and ongoing monitoring.”

Global Manufacturing Leader

“Neo Group assisted us in an SLA framework development, which has permanently improved our data and reporting quality. Compliance has now increased by 3X and reportable SLAs by over 50%”

Global 2000 Financial Services Company

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