What To Watch: Global Risk Update, Q1 2015

What To Watch: Global Risk Update, Q1 2015

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When you hear about an upcoming monsoon, government election or change in a business regulation, do you just note it as a piece of news or do you think through the implications on your ability to deliver from the affected location? What about the impact on any service providers you use in that location?

Often in offshoring and outsourcing, companies account for operational or technical risks but do not factor in location risks. Thinking about risk in isolation of location context is a risk in and of itself.

Join Neo Group SVP and Risk Expert, Christine Ferrusi Ross, for an overview of major location-based risks from this past quarter, how to think through the different kinds of location-based risks, and how you can use that information to be more strategic and effective in your global delivery.

You will learn:

  • What are the major global events that affected location risks?
  • Which geographic risks are rising, and which are falling?
  • How can companies use location-specific information to lower their supplier risk?

Meet the Presenter

Christine Ferrusi Ross is a Partner and SVP at Neo Group, where she leads product development around risk mitigation and management, as well as defines the company’s strategic market positioning and value proposition. Christine is passionate about helping clients solve complex global risk, sourcing, and supplier issues to achieve better business results. She has helped some of the largest companies in the world operationalize their supplier risk efforts. Christine She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, on CNBC and other national media regarding supplier risk, outsourcing and globalization.

Access the webinar recording here.

Access the webinar presentation here.

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