Neo Group Named Enlighta Implementation Partner Recognizing Neo Group’s Enlighta Expertise And Governance Thought Leadership

Neo Group Named Enlighta Implementation Partner Recognizing Neo Group’s Enlighta Expertise And Governance Thought Leadership

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Boston: March 14 – Neo Group and Enlighta are pleased to announce a partnership to advance third party management and governance practices.

Since 1999, Neo has been advising Global 5000 companies and leading organizations on global sourcing and services and related governance. Neo was the first company to expand its solutions to providing governance services. Since 2008, Neo has been supporting and running vendor management and governance for its clients, including resource management, finance management, performance management, contract management, relationship management and risk monitoring.

Neo recognized the need for tools to help its current and future clients better manage their vendors. “Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for governance services for our clients that includes implementation, advisory and managed services. Enlighta is an industry leading provider of solutions for supplier governance and relationship management and we are delighted to be named an implementation partner.” said Atul Vashistha, Chairman of Neo Group.

Enlighta is the industry leading solution for supplier governance and relationship management. Enlighta’s solutions are deployed by Global 2000 enterprises to increase the value derived from suppliers by simplifying and automating supplier performance, risk and contract compliance management, relationship assessment, resource and financials management. Enlighta has recognized the interest in G2000 enterprises to work closely with their trusted partners as they implement supplier governance and relationship management solutions. “Neo’s advisory and governance services are highly regarded in the industry, and we are delighted that on completion of the training and certification program, Neo Group has been added as an Implementation Partner.” said Nipun Sehgal, President  & CEO of Enlighta Inc.

About Neo Group

Neo Group has been helping Global 5000 companies since 1999, with a singular focus on helping them benefit from sourcing levers. Our expert-led, data-driven and co-creation approach to advisory helps clients achieve lasting value from the sourcing levers of automation, analytics, process optimization and global talent. We also have the industry’s leading real-time location and supplier data, analytics and monitoring platform, Supply WisdomSM, a patent-pending, cloud-based service used by over 100 corporations. With 15+ years in the industry, we’ve built an extensive library of proprietary tools and methodologies that are dynamic and continue to improve with new projects, data and knowledge. Learn more at or contact us at

About Enlighta

Enlighta is a leading provider of on-demand supplier governance and relationship management, and ITIL services management solutions to Global 2000 companies and global services providers. Enlighta’s solutions enable companies to manage and govern their outsourced or offshore services, reducing the risk of failure of such operations. For IT and BPO services providers, Enlighta’s solutions enable effective performance and compliance reporting across all customer engagements, and automation of services delivery processes. For more information, please visit or contact us at

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