Neo Group at GSA Festival of Sourcing 2022

Hemant Puthli, Managing Director and Partner at Neo Group

The ESG Adoption Survey was aimed at studying the nature and extent of ESG adoption and Sustainability transformation programmes across select IT & Business Service Providers (ITBSPs) that serve global markets

Focal points:
o Scope and scale of ESG initiatives of global ITBSPs who participated in our survey
o Executive sponsorship and “tone at the top”: the extent to which their Boards supported investments in ESG initiatives
o The way they had organized around ESG (centralised vs. federated vs. decentralised) and the executive leadership level at which programmes were being driven on an operational basis
o Their vision and strategies for developing competencies, products and services around ESG that could help their customers
o Extent to which core values and foundational principles of sustainability were embedded in their organizational culture and attitude in dealing with stakeholders