Leading Outsourcing Advisory Firm, Neo Group, Launches GIC Benchmark Survey

Leading Outsourcing Advisory Firm, Neo Group, Launches GIC Benchmark Survey

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New GIC Wisdom Program by Neo Group Promises Insights & Best Practices into Global In-house Center Landscape

PLEASANTON, CA – Global In-house Centers (GICs), previously called Captive Centers, have come a long way over the past four decades. What initially began in the 80’s as a model to leverage labor cost arbitrage from low-cost locations around the globe (and India in particular), is transforming into a more strategic partnership to achieve the parent organization’s goals and objectives. GICs are evolving and maturing from a means to cut costs and improve profitability, to a strategic lever to drive topline revenues.

Neo Group, a leading globalization data, analytics, monitoring and advisory firm, is conducting a survey to benchmark GIC processes in order to identify best practices and emerging trends. The GIC Survey aims to capture how GICs map internal processes, activities, initiatives and performance metrics across the main pillars of Strategy, People, Processes and Tools & Technology.

The GIC Survey will be part of a larger study called GIC Wisdom, which will present rich data and insightful observations about the current GIC landscape as a whole, as well as by verticals, geographies and scale of operations. The study will also leverage the deep data, analysis and guidance provided by Neo Group’s supply risk monitoring service, Supply Wisdom. The study will enable GICs to benchmark their current processes against global standards, check the standard health of their center and map their current state of readiness for expansion/scalability.

If you are an industry stakeholder with first-hand experience with GICs, we invite you to participate in the survey. This survey will close on April 24, 2015.

Please note: All personal information will be kept confidential. Responses will be completely anonymous and analyzed in combination with other participants’ responses.

All participating organizations will receive a complimentary report of the trends, observations, leading practices and other findings from the survey. Additionally, participating organizations will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Supply Wisdom Manager for the city in which their center is based (a $5,000 value). This annual subscription provides rich data across 150+ parameters, risk profile (with ratings) and expert analysis, insightful observations, actionable guidance and event-based alerts on a real-time basis.

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