Evolution Of Automation – From What It Was To What It Is

Automation is a very common term known across sectors today, yet it still remains among the big unknowns. Most people relate it to machines and its ability to replace human involvement at work. Terminologies such as robotic automation and artificial intelligence, many a times, are loosely or interchangeably used. This Neo Group whitepaper attempts to shed light on and clearly define some of those confusing automation concepts that we have heard of so far, keeping the evolutionary timeframe in mind.

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About the Author: Janani Balu

Janani is Manager of Advisory Services at Neo Group and provides strategical globalization solutions to organizations. She has expertise in data analysis, market research, and Financial Planning and Analysis. Prior...

About the Author: Priyanka K


Priyanka is Lead Analyst, Advisory Services at Neo Group. With over 7 years of experience spanning the research and consulting domain, she has expertise in analyzing and managing large data...

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