Assessing Your Supply Risk Maturity To Enhance Overall Performance

Assessing Your Supply Risk Maturity To Enhance Overall Performance

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As organizations strive to gain competitive advantage and outperform competitors, many are increasingly leveraging global services and sourcing to access global talent and world-class capabilities, leverage lower costs, and focus on core competencies. As their global footprint expands, so does their exposure to different types of global supply risks. Investing in effective supplier risk management is increasingly critical to an organization’s overall success. In our experience with clients across all industries, organizations that have higher risk maturity also have better operational and financial performance.

Do you know where your organization falls on the risk maturity curve?

Is your organization reactive or proactive when it comes to responding to supply disruptions, regulatory and legal compliance and brand protection?

What can you do to ensure that your organization is moving toward the highest level of maturity?

In this webinar, Neo Group Partner & SVP, Christine Ferrusi Ross, will introduce Neo’s proprietary Risk Maturity Model and explore the key factors of a mature supplier risk management process:

  • Risk identification, categorization and assessment
  • Risk treatment
  • Collaboration with stakeholders
  • Organization and team skills
  • Reporting
  • Technology

Topic: Assessing Your Supply Risk Maturity to Enhance Overall Performance
Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015
Time: 2:00pm EDT (11:00am PDT/12:00pm CDT)
Presenter: Christine Ferrusi Ross, Partner & SVP

You will learn:

– how to monitor and analyze supply risks in real time,

– how to build an action plan to define, organize and address global supply risks in order to identify strategic opportunities and reduce uncertainty,

– how to design formal but flexible supply risk governance.

Access the webinar recording here.

Access the webinar presentation here.

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