A Practical Roadmap For Successful Outsourcing Transitions

Global transition is a key step for many businesses. They are either managing processes for the first time away from headquarters or expanding into new domains. Unless the transition is done well the chances are that the services delivered from the new location will be poor or substandard.

A disciplined transition management is critical for the success of a globalization initiative. Outsourcing transitions needs planning ahead of time and careful management throughout the process when transition is taking place.

This Neo Insights outlines the common risks and challenges related to transition management and shares a structured roadmap to help avoid these challenges on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

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About the Author: Pankaj Sharma

Pankaj brings over 20 years of experience in key positions covering a broad spectrum of functions in management consulting, captive centers set-up, operations and service delivery management, corporate governance, project...

About the Author: Shom Biswas


Shom Biswas is an Advisory Manager at Neo group, with extensive Globalization Consulting experience, having worked with and consulted leading global companies, including Comverse, Time Inc, True Value, Northern Trust,...

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