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Neo Group’s Advisory Services help clients transform from ‘Good to Great’ by accelerating benefits and mitigating risks associated with Global Services and Sourcing.


Is my team equipped with the right skills to successfully manage remote teams across various time zones and cultures? 

Are we operating based on outdated assumptions about global services & sourcing?

Keep up with market changes, evolving technology and growing risks through workshops, custom research and benchmarks.

Custom Research
Trainings & Workshops


Does our current sourcing strategy align with our business objectives?

 Are we leveraging the latest technologies (RPA, cloud, big data, etc.) and operating models (shared services, GBS, etc.) effectively?

Build a sourcing strategy that leverages the right suppliers, own centers, global locations, delivery models and technology to meet your unique business needs.

Sourcing Strategy
Opportunity Identification
Operating Models


Are we achieving desired outcomes with our suppliers and/or GICs (captives)?

Are we effectively measuring performance? Are we in compliance with all regulatory requirements?

Leverage the right governance models, tools and metrics to measure & improve performance of your suppliers, captives and/or shared services.

Supply WisdomTM
Partner Selection
Transition Support
Governance Support


How can I achieve greater value from global services and sourcing?

How do I reach the next level of maturity? Am I managing risks effectively?

Understand where you stand today so you can reach the next level of quality, efficiency and competitiveness tomorrow to unlock greater value.

Vendor Consolidation
Contract Renegotiations
Health Checks
Global Business Services
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