Design Governance Models

We understand your unique needs and develop a roadmap for your governance organization by:

  • Customizing Neo IP including proven methodology for validating and prioritizing requirements relating to sourcing and third party governance
  • Designing and/or updating governance processes
  • Designing and/or updating governance organization structure
  • Designing and/or updating SLA, scorecards and other governance related artefacts
  • Performing a health check on the existing people, process and tools

Select Governance Tool

We understand and document business requirements specific to your Governance organization (current and future state) and then:

  • Customize RFP and evaluation framework, leveraging Neo IP
  • Support the RFP process through tool/ vendor selection

Implement Governance Tool

We work with tool, platform vendors and you to:

  • Project manage the implementation
  • Support design and/or update of client Governance processes
  • Extract/ migrate/ upload Governance data and configure Governance tool
  • Train users