State Of Digital Talent And LatAm



A study undertaken by the Online Marketing Institute found that most businesses consider digital marketing an important part of their business, yet only 8% feel that their teams had enough [...]

Sourcing In LatAm: Key Considerations On The Nearshore Hubs: Opportunities & Risks



As key sourcing markets such as India and China continue to mature and begin to lessen their cost competitiveness, businesses in the West and other parts of the globe are [...]

GBS Evolution & Accelerating Benefits



As enterprises grow in complexity and geographic diversity, it becomes imperative to adopt evolved sourcing strategies which are better aligned to the overall enterprise business strategy and can comprehensively address [...]

Attractiveness & Fit: A Practical Model To Optimize Your Sourcing Portfolio



If your 2016 business plans include any of the following, you will likely be faced with a need to review your portfolio of globalized business services: New business strategies/initiatives Growth/ [...]

How To Avoid Common Outsourcing Transition Challenges



The transition phase is a pivotal point in the lifecycle of an outsourcing relationship. If the transition fails or falls short of expectations, it can seriously impact the entire value of [...]

Supply Wisdom Webinar On Selecting a Sourcing Location In Latin America



Given the diverse talent, competitive costs and cultural fit available in Latin America, the region is becoming increasingly attractive to U.S. businesses looking for strategic partners for every blend of [...]

Outsourcing Health Check And Readiness Assessment: A Proactive Approach To Achieve Full Potential And Uncover New Value



Relationships are hard work. Most of us understand this in our personal life, but often discount this valuable adage in our professional life. In our experience, clients often yearn [...]

Assessing Your Supply Risk Maturity To Enhance Overall Performance



As organizations strive to gain competitive advantage and outperform competitors, many are increasingly leveraging global services and sourcing to access global talent and world-class capabilities, leverage lower costs, and focus [...]

Optimizing Your Outsourcing Portfolio – Deciding What To Source: Core Vs. Context



Whether or not to outsource is no longer the big question facing global corporations. That’s because they already source so much. Rather, the key questions that confront them are: [...]

What To Watch: Global Risk Update, Q1 2015



When you hear about an upcoming monsoon, government election or change in a business regulation, do you just note it as a piece of news or do you think [...]

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