Opportunity Identification

Opportunity Assessment

SourcePrism℠ helps our Advisors identify the services and roles that are candidates for
new sourcing scenarios.

Execution Support

Collaborative Sourcing Strategy & Solution Redesign

We transform identified opportunities, with you and your suppliers, into a co-created and collaborative led solution design. This assures alignment of your strategy and market capabilities with tangible cost objectives.

Our Advisors build out the business case, define roles and responsibilities, and outline the solution set to align your organization with your strategic objectives.

Sustaining Cost Optimization

Our commitment to cost reduction begins with complimentary benchmarking, allowing you to assess your opportunities immediately. Our proprietary third party and location data makes us uniquely qualified to provide the most current market data available.

Our Advisors equip your internal negotiating teams with leading-edge data and strategies to help you reach your cost cutting goals through outcome-based contracts and new delivery models.

Sourcing should not be a one-and-done exercise. We perform rigorous and timely health checks to identify ongoing opportunities to cultivate continuous gains.