Solution Design Philosophy

Neo Group specializes in solution design through co-creation by leveraging analytics, automation, and global talent. We bring real-time data and insight to accomplish this solution design through our proprietary tools: SourcePrism, NeoOps and Supply Wisdom.

SourcePrism℠ Framework

SourcePrism℠ is our proprietary, customized approach that adjusts to your unique business environment. From data capture to final recommendations, our advisors work with you to design a unique operational solution that defines a path for better efficiencies and long-term value creation.

Supply Wisdom™ Sourcing Intelligence

Supply Wisdom™ is our continuous risk monitoring and real-time risk intelligence solution that enables enterprises to continuously receive data, alerts and health reports on their third parties and locations. Supply Wisdom™ equips leaders to make decisions quickly while reducing risk in order to keep business moving forward.


NeoOps℠ is our proprietary approach to enhancing operating models for business functions that considers the value that can be gained from leveraging automation, analytics and global talent. New ways of working, new locations and new technologies are transforming the way one does business, NeoOps℠ enables enterprise to realign organizations and functions and realize rapid outcomes.