Director – Advisory

Position Title: Director – Advisory

Employment Type: Contract to Full Time After 1st Engagement

Based at: Remote role- United States

About NeoGroup:

Globally recognized as a leading advisory firm since 1999, Neo Group helps enterprises build new capabilities and reduce costs significantly by leveraging analytics, digital technologies, and global talent. Neo Group helps enterprises through the sourcing lifecycle by going beyond advice to supporting outcomes.

Objective of the role:

We are seeking an accomplished Director of Global Services/Outsourcing with a proven track record of over 15 years in strategic leadership, overseeing global service delivery, and driving operational excellence in outsourcing operations. The incumbent will spearhead our strategic initiatives, elevate service standards, and ensure optimal performance across our global operations.

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    Key Responsibilities:

    • Develop and execute strategic plans for global services and outsourcing in alignment with organizational objectives.
    • Identify and capitalize on new business opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and explore emerging markets to expand our global presence.
    • Innovate service offerings to meet evolving client demands and market trends effectively.
    • Oversee outsourced service delivery, ensuring adherence to contractual obligations and SLAs.
    • Lead continuous improvement efforts to enhance operational efficiency, service quality, and client satisfaction.
    • Implement industry best practices in service delivery and outsourcing management.
    • Build, mentor, and lead a high-performing team of managers and professionals across global locations.
    • Cultivate a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation within the team.
    • Provide guidance and support for the professional development and growth of team members.
    • Cultivate and maintain strong client relationships, acting as a strategic advisor to understand and meet their evolving needs.
    • Address challenges and proactively resolve issues in service delivery.
    • Develop and manage the budget for global services and outsourcing operations.
    • Monitor financial performance, ensuring achievement of revenue and profitability targets.
    • Identify and implement cost-saving initiatives to optimize financial performance.
    • Mitigate risks associated with global service delivery and outsourcing operations.
    • Ensure compliance with relevant legal, regulatory, and industry standards.
    • Establish robust governance frameworks to manage risks effectively and drive operational excellence.

    Qualifications & Skills:

    • Minimum of 15 years of extensive expertise in global services and outsourcing, showcasing adept management of large-scale, intricate operations.
    • Holds a master’s degree in business administration, Management, or a related field
    • Demonstrates a proven track record in strategic planning, business development, and operational management.
    • Proficient in building and leading high-performing global teams, fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration.
    • Possesses exceptional leadership and people management skills, guiding teams towards achieving organizational objectives with finesse.
    • Exhibits outstanding strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, adept at navigating complex challenges and driving sustainable growth.
    • Displays excellent communication and interpersonal skills, effectively engaging with stakeholders at all levels to drive alignment and foster positive relationships.
    • Shows a strong financial acumen, coupled with experience in budget management, ensuring efficient resource allocation and driving profitability.
    • Skilled in building and maintaining robust client relationships, delivering exceptional service and driving client satisfaction.
    • Proficient in risk management and compliance, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and mitigating potential risks effectively.
    • Demonstrates cultural sensitivity and thrives in diverse, international environments, leveraging cross-cultural experiences to drive success and innovation.


    Total compensation will be a function of the successful candidate’s level of experience and fit.

    Our Commitment to You:

    At NeoGroup, we have three core values:

    1. People First
    2. Client Next
    3. Better Place 360

    We believe our people come first. Empowering our people will enable them to bring tremendous value to our clients. Making our world a better place not just for us, but for those around us is our way of expressing gratitude and encouraging richer lives.

    We offer a vibrant work environment, a global team filled with passionate and fun-loving people coming from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

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    Does this seem like the perfect opportunity for your career? Apply Now!

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