Automation Wisdom

Announcing Automation Wisdom: Keeping Tabs on The Pulse of Industry Innovations in Automation.

Neo Group launches the first ever real-time, curated alert offering for advancements in automation.

In an age of rapid technological development and implementation, corporations are increasingly at risk of falling behind competitors by missing out on the newest automation solutions. Automation technologies for robotic process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive intelligence and blockchain are coming to the market at an accelerated rate. To fully capitalize on the advantages and advancements that Automation can generate, up-to-the-minute knowledge is key. Informed corporations can harness these advanced technologies to accelerate revenues, streamline their business processes, reduce costs, increase productivity and operational efficiency, as well as enhance customer experience.

Automation Wisdom enables corporations to fully realize the advantages of automation technologies by keeping them abreast of the latest developments in real-time.

Why Automation Wisdom?

“Automation offerings and capabilities are growing exponentially. Until now, enterprises didn’t have a way to keep up-to-date on this rapidly developing market and capabilities. Automation Wisdom’s real-time curated alerts bridge that gap. As the only Third-Party Risk monitoring and curated alerting service on the market that is 100% real-time, cloud based and continuous, Supply Wisdom’s TM technology engine is the perfect vehicle to power Automation Wisdom, ensure companies stay informed and can take advantage of rapidly growing automation solutions.” Atul Vashistha, Founder & CEO of parent company, Neo Group.

“Automation Wisdom is the first ever curated subscription alert service for advancements in automation with a singular focus on sourcing technology and business services. It serves as an independent and unbiased knowledge resource, for not only being on top of latest developments but also, as the name suggests, guard relevant insights and keep out all the hype, publicity noise and false positives.” John Bree, Former Deutsche Bank Global Executive.

Customers of Automation Wisdom are on the leading edge of automation usage with exclusive insights into the latest trends, supplier offerings and market adoption. Leaders in Information Technology, Information Security, Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor Governance, Risk & Compliance, Business Continuity, Data & Analytics, Finance, HR and across many other business units, are increasingly using Automation Wisdom to identify early opportunities and understand the hidden challenges and risks of adoption.

What Does Automation Wisdom Deliver?

Subscribe to Automation Wisdom and get instant access to a wealth of information and insights specific to automation advancements in global services sourcing.

Users of Automation Wisdom not only receive alert notifications directly in their mailbox, but also have access to a secure cloud application of the Supply Wisdom TM Monitoring Suite, which now offers a new addition in the form of Automation Wisdom.

The Automation Wisdom solution can be summarized as,

  • Real-time and continuous curated Alerts relating to breaking news and issues in automation: changes, new developments, products and more
  • Automation Wisdom Alerts are categorized as: Immediate, High, Medium, Low and Information, based on the impact an event has on the industry
  • Users will receive Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Summary of news and issues in automation
  • Annual subscribers of Automation Wisdom will receive a complimentary copy of The Annual Automation Wisdom Landscape Report
  • The cloud application has interesting features like:
    • Ask An Analyst – unlimited access to an expert analyst team for deep diving into specific events, capabilities, trends or markets
    • Easy Share – downloadable content to share within departments

With the launch of Automation Wisdom, Neo Group and its Supply WisdomTM solutions continue to lead in providing a unique, integrated, cloud-based tool for all real-time monitoring needs. This new feature creates a more robust risk and opportunity monitoring umbrella.