About Hemant Puthli

Hemant brings over 25 years of experience in Management Consulting and IT Services. At Neo Group, Hemant leads key engagements globally and works with clients to assist them in the development of outsourcing strategies and governance models. The scope of work typically includes (among other things) comprehensive RFP cycles and proposal evaluation iterations, which involves evaluation visits to the facilities of incumbent service providers as well as new bidders around the world.
Partner & SVP

Getting Role Taxonomy Right Enables Effective Rate-Card Negotiation



Rate- card negotiation is usually the priority of buyers, when contract re-negotiations are due. Such discussions, usually lead to some form of strain between the supplier & the buyer, since [...]

Global Business Services (GBS) – The Future Of Sourcing



Global Business Services (GBS) is gaining a lot of traction among the Global 2000 enterprises as the next transformative upgrade to their global sourcing models. As with all new strategies [...]

Optimizing A Global Workforce Across Global Delivery Centers Using Neo’s Attractiveness & Fit Model



Outsourcing has become a standard and accepted strategy for business leaders today thanks to the acceptance of the notion of “core competence” as the focal point for structuring a [...]

Attractiveness & Fit: A Practical Model To Optimize Your Sourcing Portfolio



If your 2016 business plans include any of the following, you will likely be faced with a need to review your portfolio of globalized business services: New business strategies/initiatives Growth/ [...]

The Role Of Health Checks In Global Sourcing Programs



How do you measure the success of your globalization initiatives? Are your global operations highly productive? Is your globalization program being managed efficiently? Whether your global delivery is an internal [...]

Outsourcing Health Check And Readiness Assessment: A Proactive Approach To Achieve Full Potential And Uncover New Value



Relationships are hard work. Most of us understand this in our personal life, but often discount this valuable adage in our professional life. In our experience, clients often yearn [...]

A Three-Stage Approach To Effective Contract Renegotiations



All things come to an end, good and bad. Whether your current service providers are exceeding your expectations or barely meeting contract terms, the end-of-term period is an opportunity for [...]

Maximizing Value In Contract Renegotiations



Over the course of a typical five-year contract, significant shifts and changes occur in the global sourcing environment, such as opening up of new destinations, emergence of new vendors, introduction [...]

What To Retain And What To Source: Core Vs. Context



In today’s globalized world, corporate leaders are faced with challenging decisions when it comes to developing a sound global sourcing strategy that reflects the company’s long-term goals. Whether or not [...]

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