Making Lives Better All Around Us

At Neo Group, we have incorporated corporate social responsibility into our core values: People First, Customer Next, Better Place 360. We cultivate a culture of responsibility in our team members and clients as well as at an organizational level. We believe that investing in a successful future for our own business begins by investing in a successful future for the youth of our communities as well as those around the world.

We focus our responsibility efforts on


Empowering our team members to make a difference in their local communities. Our community involvement is comprised of efforts to support the education and healthy development of underprivileged children through technology and food donations, as well as volunteering computer skills trainings at local schools and orphanages.

Neo Group supports the following organizations:
Sri Rakum School for the Blind
Jnana Mandir


Partnering with our clients to support social and environmental causes. Through a charitable donation program, we partnered with our clients to support the efforts of the following non-profit charities:logo-csr


Investing in the education and empowerment of young women worldwide. Half of all royalties from the sale of Neo Group CEO, Atul Vashistha’s publications are donated to educational organizations such as Because I am a Girl, a global initiative to end gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and lift millions of girls – and everyone around them – out of poverty. In 2014 alone, Neo Group’s contributions helped educate 11 girls in Sierra Leone.

Project Helping Hands


Look to make life and lives better all around us

Do good by doing good.