Why Chief Digital Officers Should Imagine Talent Without Borders

At the core of today’s digital landscape and continuously expanding are 2.5 billion internet users, 1.9 billion active social network users, and 6.5 billion mobile phone users. With existing digital channels growing in popularity and new channels emerging constantly, building an effective digital strategy is quickly becoming a key objective for business leaders. For those who are able to overcome the challenges of a constantly advancing technology frontier, this period of transition and change presents a growing heap of opportunity.

One way to surf at the forefront of the technology tsunami rather than be swallowed up by it is to leverage global talent. In this Neo Insights, we illustrate how tapping into global talent can be a strategic means to meet key digital objectives and address common business challenges in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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About the Author: Atul Vashistha

Atul is the Chairman and CEO of Neo Group, a firm he founded in 1999. Neo is recognized globally as a leading supply and outsourcing analytics, monitoring and advisory firm.

About the Author: Shom Biswas


Shom Biswas is an Advisory Manager at Neo group, with extensive Globalization Consulting experience, having worked with and consulted leading global companies, including Comverse, Time Inc, True Value, Northern Trust,...

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