What To Retain And What To Source: Core Vs. Context

In today’s globalized world, corporate leaders are faced with challenging decisions when it comes to developing a sound global sourcing strategy that reflects the company’s long-term goals. Whether or not to source is no longer the big question. That’s because they already source so much. Rather, the key questions that confront them are: “What else can we source?” “Where else can we source from?” “Can we change our sourcing portfolio to derive more benefits?”

With the rapid maturing of the ITO and BPO service industries and the emergence of new skills and new markets, opportunities for sourcing have risen manifold. Today, it is possible to source diverse processes that possibly couldn’t be imagined in previous years. Over 100 countries have emerged as sourcing targets with varied skills and maturity to provide quality services to global corporations.

This Neo Insights presents a data-driven framework to help organizations decide what to source and what to retain in-house.

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About the Author: Hemant Puthli

Hemant brings over 25 years of experience in Management Consulting and IT Services. At Neo Group, Hemant leads key engagements globally and works with clients to assist them in the...
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