What Is The Real Value Of Brazil IT?



Brazil’s value proposition is becoming clearer, now it’s time to get the message across, consistently – Atul Vashistha at Neo Group.

Neo Group: Brazil IT Will Soon Be Bought

11-14-2011|In The News


Neo Group founder and chief executive, Atul Vashistha, is well-known and respected in the international sourcing marketplace for his advisory work with Neo as well as his books and additional [...]

Brazil IT Remains In a Class By Itself: Is That a Good Thing?

11-07-2011|In The News


Brazil’s ascendancy as a major center for global IT services will be engineered in a uniquely Brazilian way, and should in no way aim to reproduce the model crafted by [...]

Globalization Today – Powerhouse 25

10-25-2011|In The News


Thousands of votes were cast for our first annual Powerhouse 25 list. The competition was close with single clicks sometimes separating nominees. And Globalization Today’s panel weighed in with their [...]

Monitoring And Managing Global Sourcing & Services Outsourcing Risks

09-29-2011|In The News


Today, outsourcing has become a mainstay of corporations. It is mainstream, global and rapidly changing. This dynamic has a huge impact on the competitiveness of global corporations. Yet, global sourcing [...]

Latin America Poised To Capitalize On North American Infrastructure Outsourcing

08-11-2011|In The News


The US outsourcing market for IT infrastructure appears set for strong growth, and Latin American providers are in an ideal position to capture much of this business. Despite what it [...]

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