Sourcing In LatAm: Key Considerations On The Nearshore Hubs: Opportunities & Risks



As key sourcing markets such as India and China continue to mature and begin to lessen their cost competitiveness, businesses in the West and other parts of the globe are [...]

Latin America Nearshore: What’s Ahead For 2014?

01-17-2014|In The News


Latin America’s outsourcing market continues to mature, which is good news for both buyers and providers, say the experts. For this article, we highlight predictions from three experts concerning nearshoring [...]

How Latin America Is Changing To Become a More Attractive Outsourcing Destination



Latin America, a Nearshore option, has emerged as a favorable destination for Information Technology (IT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) captive operations. Geographical proximity, similar time zone and cultural affinity have [...]

Nearshore’s 2012 Outlook: Time For The Industry To ‘Stand On Its Own’

01-18-2012|In The News


With 2012 in full-swing, a critical look at what lies ahead for Nearshoring is in order. With a shaky global economy, and some forecasts calling for a sluggish year in [...]

Brazil IT Remains In a Class By Itself: Is That a Good Thing?

11-07-2011|In The News


Brazil’s ascendancy as a major center for global IT services will be engineered in a uniquely Brazilian way, and should in no way aim to reproduce the model crafted by [...]

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