BPO Innovations Conference



Neo Group has been invited to speak at the BPO Innovations Conference taking place at Bohemian National Hall in NYC, NY on October 22, 2015. The BPO Innovations Conference, hosted [...]

BPO Innovations Conference 2014



The BPO Innovations Conference, hosted by Outsourcing Institute, will provide a roadmap to changing market dynamics and how to obtain true innovation value add in your existing and future outsourcing [...]

BPO Innovations Conference



Maximizing outsourcing relationships is a challenge for buyer and seller alike. Buyers want more value. Service providers must meet their numbers. How can both win? The answer is innovative business [...]

Beyond Bangalore

05-13-2013|In The News


When you think of offshore IT outsourcing, you think of India. But “having all of your IT work done in one location is akin to having your entire retirement portfolio [...]

Nearshore’s 2012 Outlook: Time For The Industry To ‘Stand On Its Own’

01-18-2012|In The News


With 2012 in full-swing, a critical look at what lies ahead for Nearshoring is in order. With a shaky global economy, and some forecasts calling for a sluggish year in [...]

Outlook 2012: The State Of The IT Services And BPO Industry

01-17-2012|In The News


The emerging trends and areas, pricing models, rising geographies and other significant developments that will unfold in the coming year. Read more…

What Is The Real Value Of Brazil IT?



Brazil’s value proposition is becoming clearer, now it’s time to get the message across, consistently – Atul Vashistha at Neo Group.

Neo Group: Brazil IT Will Soon Be Bought

11-14-2011|In The News


Neo Group founder and chief executive, Atul Vashistha, is well-known and respected in the international sourcing marketplace for his advisory work with Neo as well as his books and additional [...]

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