Sourcing Interest Group (SIG) Global Summit

The Sourcing Interest Group (SIG) Global Summit, a three-day event that deep dives into outsourcing industry best practices, cost-cutting strategies, innovative processes, and risk-mitigation approaches, will take place March 10-12, 2015 in Amelia Island, FL.

Neo Group CEO, Atul Vashistha, will join a panel with leaders from GenesisPath, iTexico, MedAssets, and Unosquare to discuss, Happy Client, Happy Life: Successful Latam Engagements. The group will share their experiences and insights about how to make an outsourcer/client relationship successful, how to earn trust and foster realistic expectations, and overall best practices for successful LatAm partnerships.

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Amelia Island, FL

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Sourcing Interest Group (SIG)

About the Author: Atul Vashistha

Atul is the Chairman and CEO of Neo Group, a firm he founded in 1999. Neo is recognized globally as a leading supply and outsourcing analytics, monitoring and advisory firm.
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