Silicon Valley Digital Ball

Neo Group is a proud sponsor of the 2013 Silicon Valley Digital Ball. This event, hosted by AidMatrix and TechBridge, allows guests to participate in the effort to bring technology solutions to nonprofit organizations around the world to help them fulfill their missions.

“Proceeds from the event enable Aidmatrix and TechBridge to collectively impact the lives of more than 70 million people across the U.S. and globally, by empowering the nonprofits that serve the communities in which we work and live through technology innovation.”

For more information on this event or for ways to get involved, please visit http://www.dfwdigitalball.com/.


Silicon Valley

Hosted By
Aidmatrix and TechBridge

About the Author: Atul Vashistha

Atul is the Chairman and CEO of Neo Group, a firm he founded in 1999. Neo is recognized globally as a leading supply and outsourcing analytics, monitoring and advisory firm.
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