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12 years of rich experience working with the outsourcing buyer community, has led Neo Group to perfectly understand the decision making process and the common pitfalls by the supply locations in developing and promoting themselves. Since every outsourcing location has different advantages, and needs to be developed and promoted differently – Neo Group has developed the proprietary “Destination Development and Promotion Lifecycle” model. This is a fully-customizable, tried and tested model which has amazing results in a very short amount of time.
This model is exclusively meant for Locations such as Free Trade Zones, Governments, Countries, Regions and Investment Promotion Agencies to develop and promote them as Favorable Outsourcing Destinations. This is a fully customizable model and can be changed as per the clients requirements.
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Understand ITO and BPO Industry
Review Trends
Review market and Location Assessment
Review Buyer & Supplier actions in the Region
Review Opportunities & Risks


Location Attractiveness
Leverage Gap analysis to identify areas for investment
Leverage SWOT analysis to develop a comprehensive location attractiveness strategy
Identify the core focus and core differentiation
Develop a future vision

Market Assessment
Assess Market activity and trend data
Assess Buyer opportunities and activites in the region
Assess Supplier opportunities and activities in the region
Assess competitive activities and threats in the region
Assess Demand Conditions such as - Market sizing and potential, Client Profile (Industry Verticals, Buyer Locations), Market Niches, Growth Potential
Marketing Strategy
Leverage 7P's model to develop marketing strategy
Identify Cluster participants
Comprehensive marketing plan
Marketing Investment
Sales Plan
Go live
Location Assessment
Leverage location model to do a SWOT analysis
Gaps to leading practices
Assess Supply Conditions such as - Resource Pool, Infrastructure, Supply Maturity.
Perofrm comparative analysis in the region and outside (Best Practices)
Marketing Support
Support deployment of marketing plan
Support activities in-
      Physical Evidence
Continually assess progress

Clients choose Neo Group over other management consulting firms, research firms and other sourcing advisory firms because of our global experience, global real-time knowledge, proven methodologies and a record of successful outcomes. Some of the representative engagements that Neo Group has undertaken for Governements, Investment Promotion Agencies and Free Trade Zones, have been explained as under:-

Assisted CORFO in identifying global services provider for Investment in chile.

Coordinated with identified providers and assisted CORFO in marketing Chile as a potencial global delivery service location.

Advised nodal agencies in creating global visibility & competence.

Developed a market strategy focused on targeting US and European markets.
Developed a win-win partnership strategy with India.
Conducted strategic market assessments of Colombia as a favorable Outsourcing destination.

Provided extensive marketing support to attract MNCs to setup operations in Colombia.
Advised the IT secretary in developing IT/ITEs policy.

Developed an implementation roadmap for IT/ITEs Policy.

Conducted road-shows for Karnataka government in Japan, US and UK.

Brought many prestigious fortune 100 clients to the Karnataka State and provided on-going advise.
Drafted the roadmap for boosting IT industry.

Conducted globalization workshop for the King of Jordan and the other royal delegates.
Supported the Under-Secretary of Industrial and Commerce on India Benchmarking visit.

Developed supplier landscape and IT/ITEs Roadmap.
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