Future Ready – How To Bring Process Automation To Your Enterprise



Outsourcing in the form of labor arbitrage using low cost centers has delivered well over the years and enterprises are now looking for various solutions that are more than just [...]

Getting Role Taxonomy Right Enables Effective Rate-Card Negotiation



Rate- card negotiation is usually the priority of buyers, when contract re-negotiations are due. Such discussions, usually lead to some form of strain between the supplier & the buyer, since [...]

Automation Vs. Sourcing: A Strategic Framework



Few topics garner more attention on the hype cycle these days than automation and the related topics of cognitive computing, software robots and digital transformation in general.  Hardly a [...]

Unlocking Funds For Innovation By Lowering Run Costs



Quarterly Earnings are reported and the results are not what the street expected or for that matter what your shareholders expected. Corporate starts making calls to all the business unit [...]

Global Business Services (GBS) – The Future Of Sourcing



Global Business Services (GBS) is gaining a lot of traction among the Global 2000 enterprises as the next transformative upgrade to their global sourcing models. As with all new strategies [...]

Insights On How To Get Digital Done



In the world today there are 2.5 billion internet users, 1.9 billion active social network users, and 6.5 billion mobile phone users. With existing digital channels growing in popularity and [...]

Optimizing A Global Workforce Across Global Delivery Centers Using Neo’s Attractiveness & Fit Model



Outsourcing has become a standard and accepted strategy for business leaders today thanks to the acceptance of the notion of “core competence” as the focal point for structuring a [...]

A Practical Roadmap For Successful Outsourcing Transitions



Global transition is a key step for many businesses. They are either managing processes for the first time away from headquarters or expanding into new domains. Unless the transition is [...]

The Role Of Health Checks In Global Sourcing Programs



How do you measure the success of your globalization initiatives? Are your global operations highly productive? Is your globalization program being managed efficiently? Whether your global delivery is an internal [...]

Trends & Opportunities In Latin America: A Growing Market For World-Class Global Services



Outsourcing has long been a key lever in helping organizations be more competitive. Traditionally, this has been accomplished by outsourcing support functions like IT, HR, Procurement, in offshore locations that [...]

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