Governance Admin

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This role will be part of the Governance team and responsible for administrative activities for the team. The person will be responsible for coordinating the working between the team and the suppliers and 3rd party service providers (Infrastructure, Food & Transportation) to Neo .

Ideally we prefer persons with experience in working in an outsourcing environment and in a Governance Process.


  1. Use of basic software to provide administrative support to the Governance project team.
  2. Coordination and data collection from various service providers
  3. Send reminders and notifications to the various team members and to the suppliers for meetings, deliverables due with guidance from the manager and/or leads.
  4. Set meetings, including review meetings as per the defined meeting plans
  5. Administrative responsibilities to liaison with vendors to ensure up-time for the infrastructure for the project team. The person is not expected to have technical skills but coordinating skills.
  6. Ensure regular and smooth transportation services for staff working late – liaising and coordinating with transport contractors/ caterers etc.

Skills and Competence:


  • Bachelors degree or equivalent qualifications from reputed institutes.
  • Some administration experience, preferably as part of an outsourced governance team.
  • Experience in dealing with 3rd party service providers in infrastructure, transportation, catering etc.


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