Global Business Services (GBS) – The Future Of Sourcing

Global Business Services (GBS) is gaining a lot of traction among the Global 2000 enterprises as the next transformative upgrade to their global sourcing models.

As with all new strategies and ideas, different organizations define GBS differently and have different expectations from this model.

This paper attempts to define GBS in a comprehensive manner, as well as discuss how the model evolves and must meet different expectations at each level of its maturity.

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About the Author: Hemant Puthli

Hemant brings over 25 years of experience in Management Consulting and IT Services. At Neo Group, Hemant leads key engagements globally and works with clients to assist them in the...

About the Author: Vivek Pappu


Vivek Pappu is a manager with the advisory services team at Neo Group. He focuses on engagements related to global sourcing transformation, vendor management optimization, services offshoring and procurement strategies....

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