Future Ready – How To Bring Process Automation To Your Enterprise

Outsourcing in the form of labor arbitrage using low cost centers has delivered well over the years and enterprises are now looking for various solutions that are more than just cost savings to be future ready.

Now the question is “What Next?” The issue has moved beyond SLA compliance and quality of service. Labor arbitrage and mere cost savings is becoming a thing of the past.

Enterprises who buy outsourcing services and henceforth referred to as buyers are looking for innovation and transformation and automation is one of the key approaches to bring about this transformation.

This paper will provide insights into how to go about automation & also talk about the advantages of automation and the impact of automation on the contracts between the buyer and service provider.

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About the Author: Sudhakar Kuckian

Sudhakar Kuckian is a Sr. Director with Neo Group’s Advisory Services and has 22+ years of experience in all aspects of sourcing advisory services in the IT and ITeS areas....
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