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Inside Outsourcing With Alan Hanson

06-25-2013|In The News


INTERVIEWED BY LARRY JANIS LJ: Would you please share with us your current role & responsibilities. AH: As Senior Vice President, I lead our solutions, sales and marketing globally. [...]

Long Journey ‘Home’



As recently as 2006, Pluto was a planet, Apple hadn’t broached the iPhone and India may have been the choice for low cost off-shoring – without serious significant competition. Today, as [...]

Examining The Intersection Of Location And Supplier Risk



As supply chains continue to push expansion to new regions with major location risks, including emerging providers, some organizations are successfully adopting approaches to this critical intersection. It needs to [...]

Webinar Notes: From Good To Great… Global Sourcing Governance

04-19-2013|In The News


This week’s featured webinar was hosted by Sourcing Interests Group and presented by Neo Group, a services firm focused on gaining efficiencies through low-cost country providers and outsourcing in general. [...]

A Tale Of Two Cities



Take Bangalore and Mexico City as examples. Bangalore may well be the most recognized offshore global talent hub, particularly for information technology work. With more than 4,600 ITO and BPO companies [...]

Global Governance: An Integrated Approach To Leveraging Market Data To Better Manage Global Risks



SIG’s Global Summits are packed with the latest best practices, cost-cutting strategies, innovative processes and risk-mitigation approaches. You’ll hear from industry thought leaders and have the opportunity to network with [...]

Where Is Back – Contemplating Bringing Work Onshore



Why Customers Are Considering It Many global and organizational factors have changed since the time that companies made their initial decisions to leverage a global model for service delivery. As [...]

Globalization Psychology 1: Outsourcing & The Lottery



Many of us are sometimes reluctant to make what look like simple switching choices. Returning from a brief stop at London’s Olympic Games this week (no I didn’t run, jump, [...]

What Is The Real Value Of Brazil IT?

01-03-2012|In The News


Brazil’s value proposition is becoming clearer, now it’s time to get the message across, consistently – Atul Vashistha at Neo Group.

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