About Christine Ferrusi Ross

Christine Ferrusi Ross is a Senior Vice President at Neo Group. She’s passionate about helping clients solve complex global risk, sourcing, and supplier issues to achieve better business results. Currently she’s working on product development around risk mitigation and management, as well as other offerings that clients can use to gain access to talent wherever it is in the world. She’s also responsible for the company’s strategic market positioning and value proposition.

BPO Innovations Conference



Neo Group has been invited to speak at the BPO Innovations Conference taking place at Bohemian National Hall in NYC, NY on October 22, 2015. The BPO Innovations Conference, hosted [...]

IAOP European Outsourcing Summit 2015



Neo Group has been invited to Keynote at the European Outsourcing Summit (EOS) taking place on 18-20 October 2015 at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. EOS is part [...]

Assessing Your Supply Risk Maturity To Enhance Overall Performance



As organizations strive to gain competitive advantage and outperform competitors, many are increasingly leveraging global services and sourcing to access global talent and world-class capabilities, leverage lower costs, and focus [...]

Outsourcing Institute’s Wall Street Tech Conference



The Wall Street Tech Conference, hosted by Outsourcing Institute, is an exclusive, intimate and innovative technology forum, created to help CIOs, CTOs, tech sourcing executives and business leaders across [...]

What To Watch: Global Risk Update, Q1 2015



When you hear about an upcoming monsoon, government election or change in a business regulation, do you just note it as a piece of news or do you think [...]

Global Sourcing 2015: Latin American Pulse Check



In this webinar hosted by the Nearshore Executive Alliance, Neo Group will be moderating a discussion with Humana and Neoris about the key considerations that led them to set up shop in Latin America. Each [...]

The Three Components Of An Effective Third Party Oversight Program



The rise in the use of global sourcing and global business services has been dramatic, exponentially increasing the potential benefits both for the businesses using those services and for [...]

Third Party Oversight: The Three Components Of An Effective Program



Successful global business leaders recognize the importance of third party oversight and make it a priority to understand the many risks associated with global sourcing. They are proactive in designing [...]

BPO Innovations Conference



Maximizing outsourcing relationships is a challenge for buyer and seller alike. Buyers want more value. Service providers must meet their numbers. How can both win? The answer is innovative business [...]

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